Adaptation can be small and beautiful



… and sometimes, adaptation to climate might not even have been the purpose. While cycling today to our neighbouring municipality, I made these pictures. Areas along the streets and a private garden flourish wonderfully with wild and semi-wild flowers. Thereby, they allow excessive rainwater to drain into the ground. The extensive green roof on the garage can also store water and delay its discharge if needed. Bees and other insects were humming around…



Not so nice, but still clever is the new concave street design. It leads water away from houses and basements, collects it in the middle of the street and leads it to the gullies. Probably, it is even cheaper as you need just one underground pipe instead of two on either side. It is a bit too much soil sealing for me. Still, the example shows that small details can help and a certain degree of adaptation can come without additional costs. Just spread the knowledge.