Strong cities, towns and businesses are the backbone of a region's and country's economy. Many regional, national and international organisations, researchers and experts support them with knowledge and resources to cope with climate and other change. However, often these programmes do not reach the stakeholders most in need.

Strong municipalities and businesses need strong supporters

My services

  • I analyse support programmes regarding their effectiveness and contribute tailoring them more towards the needs of cities or businesses.
  • I support finding the right cities and towns to partner with or to support.
  • I can contribute to the execution of your support programmes.
  • I organise and moderate trainings and stakeholder events of different form and size.

Your benefits

  • Your support programmes become highly effective and your approach and selection of municipalities more systematic.
  • You get the missing direct links to municipalities and businesses

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How can we approach your task?

Each task is specific. Often tasks can be solved in different ways with bigger or smaller resources. Please contact me and describe you challenge and wishes. Then we can explore together how to approach the task.