Businesses, communities and other urban actors

As a business, a community, a citizen or other actor in a city or town you wonder how climate change will affect you. Flooding, droughts or heat can all have an impact on your work performance and life. Vital service providers of energy, transport, food and other goods can be affected and not be able to provide their services to you.

How will that all it affect you and how can you become more climate-resilient?


Everyone needs to prepare

My services

  • I support in acquiring the necessary knowledge, tailoring it to your needs, guiding or accompanying the development of measures and the implementation processes. This can have the form of developing concepts, coaching and training.
  • I connect you with other stakeholders inside and outside the municipality and moderate stakeholder participation processes.
  • I organise the exchange of knowledge and experience with other stakeholder. That can take the form of virtual or real meetings, workshops and conferences, study visits, twinning processes, or partnering.
  • I support in finding ways to implement the developed actions including identifying and accessing funding.
  • I contribute with my knowledge and experience in research projects and other initiatives as part of bigger teams.

Your benefits

  • You come closer to your goal of being climate-resilient, strong and attractive. You might even become a role model for others to follow.
  • You overcome barriers posed by lacking awareness and support, scepticism and limited capacities, knowledge and resources.
  • You draw on my long-term experience, knowledge and network.


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Can you afford these services?

This question, I can only answer after I got to known your specific situation. My services vary and you can choose between light services and complete packages. Also, we can search together for external funding. Let’s talk and see how we can find a solution for your challenge.