In the morning on my way to Breda municipality ...

copyright: Birgit Georgi
copyright: Birgit Georgi


It was raining slightly, and I was on the way to my first meetings with team members of the EU Urban Innovative Action project GreenQuays in Breda, The Netherlands, that I am happy to support as external expert. Actually, I should be writing about the inspiring project on the nature-inclusive quays and I definitely will!!! However, as for this morning, other urban green caught my attention: 


How often have I heard already that green in narrow and historical streets is difficult to establish or simply not possible? But look at Breda‘s streets ...! With just a few square centimetres and a wire, they got it green.  It does not only look so much nicer, I find it also fits the old buildings well, without harming them. That‘s a nice way to go. Later, I have learned that there is a municipal programme in place to encourage and advice citizens on small private gardens and greening elements. It seems to work.

Turning around the next corner, I found a public space, where nature has been allowed to grow. You do not find the typical lawns but spots where nature can develop itself. I find it adorable to see such a space inside the city! The colleagues from Breda have told me that this space is a temporary installation, also used to test different concepts of urban greening before the final design of the area will be made and implemented. I am really excited to see that experiments are allowed in Breda, in which you are not 100% sure, how things will work out, but where you can learn from experience and adjust the design.  This mindset is a great starting point for the big innovative project on the GreenQuays as part of the broader Nieuwe Mark redevelopment.


More articles to come soon ....

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