Myth 2: If we can’t stop climate change, then all climate change mitigation action is all for nothing, and we should focus on climate change adaptation.  

Pices of a puzzle climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation

that may sound sensible, because if we can't stop climate change, then we should fully concentrate on climate adaptation, right? What other choice do we have? You may look at it that way, 



if we cease all efforts to mitigate climate change, we will end up with a 4 or even more degree scenario instead of the targeted 1.5-2 degrees increase of global temperature. Even the latter will lead to considerable climate risks here and worldwide. Events such as the disastrous flooding event in the Ahr-Valley in Germany in 2021 or the droughts of 2018, 2019 and 2022 will no longer be isolated incidents but will become part of our everyday lives.  In the summer of 2003 alone, around 70,000 people died from the heatwave in Europe. One doesn’t want to imagine the scenarios for an even higher temperature increase.  Finding and financing climate adaptation measures for these effects could  then be almost impossible and extremely costly. Especially people , companies, cities and regions that have less resources available will no longer be able to adapt sufficiently.


Map with the increase in temperature and rainfall due to climate change
1.5 or 2 degrees or more - it makes a difference. Source: IPCC

Therefore, you don’t have to choose between climate change mitigation or climate change adaptation; both must go hand in hand. Comprehensive climate protection reduces the climate risks to a level to which we can still adapt with reasonable financial means. The options to adapt decrease with every degree of temperature increase. At the end there is no other way that we all need to adapt, because climate change and its impacts can’t be stopped completely.

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#1: More climate adaptation action? We have already taken energy-saving measures, haven't we?




  • We won’t really be affected by the consequences of climate change
  • The state and local authorities must protect citizens and businesses from climate change impacts
  • Climate change adaptation is expensive. We can’t afford it right now
  • We have other priorities at the moment and can still adapt to climate change later on.
  • We have created flowering meadows and planted trees. We have taken precautions.
  • The consequences of climate change will lead to heavy burdens and restrictions.