What you can expect …

is co-creation. It means a process with a very active participation from your side. I respect and appreciated deeply your practical experience and the very special local knowledge and skills you have. We will develop the solutions together and thereby increase your technical capacities and ownership for the result. Where needed, I will include partners with specific expertise.


What you cannot expect from me …

is to develop a project or plan for you, hand it over and leave. I am convinced that in many cases that will be a dead end and won’t help you in the long run.

Finding solutions together

Your benefits and reliefs

  • Learning by doing -  you develop your own technical skills and capacities. You get easy access to the relevant knowledge that is broadly spread across Europe
  • You do not need to invent every solution from scratch, but can learn directly from other cities I am networking with. Learning from colleague to colleague is often more effective, right?
  • I can serve as an ambassador for you to local, regional, national, European or international support programmes and make your needs heard.

  • As part of the growing network your efforts and successes become more visible. Cities I worked with told me that they get increasingly requests for being part of further national or European projects at the pace they become visible outside their region.
  • Finally, I take much of the cumbersome task from you to search for the right knowledge, appropriate ways of financing or the right contacts. It saves you time and resources.

Ready to join?